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Make the difference with Undercharments

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Our Philosophy

Our mission is to take care of a better world by creating value with unused resources. One of these is Coffee Ground

The world population drinks over 2.25 billion cups of coffee every day which results in an estimated 500,000 tonnes of wet, waste coffee ground. Most coffee grounds are dumped into general waste and sent to landfill where they emit methane - a greenhouse gas, one of the primary causes of global warming. Coffee grounds still has remaining value and can be recycled into sustainable bio-products, such as Coffee Yarn. Lingerie made from Coffee Yarn can be composted at the end of their life, ensuring that they do not get to waste in one of the world's landfills and used to grow more coffee, giving it a circular lifecycle. The other resources we use are BambooLyocell and recycled cotton. All of these are plant based materials which are eco-friendly, durable, biodegradable and breathable fabrics just like Coffee Ground. With all of these yarns we make charming, sustainable lingerie fashion.

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Why Undercharments

Undercharments doet mee aan The Fair Shopping Day 2024

Profiteer van 20% korting op onze gehele collectie op

a.s. zaterdag 1 juni

Meld je aan op de website van The Fair Shopping Day om de code te ontvangen op vrijdag 31 mei om 23:00

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