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  • Fitting Undercharments Bra
    Our bra sizes follow European sizes. If you have size 75B from other brands, you can also order size 75B from Undercharments. Our advice is to measure your bra size regularly. Your bra size can change when you become slimmer or thicker, but your body also changes due to your hormonal skin. In our size table you can read how you can best measure your size. If you have any questions, you can always email us:
  • Why is coffee grounds lingerie so special?
    Lingerie made from coffee grounds, also known as 'coffee lingerie' or 'coffee fiber lingerie', has a number of special properties that distinguish it from traditional lingerie. Here are some reasons why lingerie made from coffee grounds is so special: Sustainability: using coffee grounds as a raw material for lingerie is a form of recycling and reuse. Coffee grounds are a common waste product that would otherwise be thrown away. By using it in the production of lingerie, waste is reduced and a more sustainable alternative is provided. Eco-friendly: coffee grounds are a natural material and the production of lingerie using coffee grounds generally has a lower environmental impact compared to traditional textile production. It requires less water and energy consumption and no harmful chemicals are used in its processing. Odour-absorbing: Coffee grounds are known for their natural odor-absorbing properties. In lingerie, this can help reduce unwanted odours, maintaining a fresher feeling even after extended wear. Moisture management: coffee grounds naturally have moisture-regulating properties, which absorb and remove moisture from the skin. This can contribute to a more comfortable feeling when wearing lingerie, especially during activities that involve perspiration. Antibacterial: Studies have shown that coffee grounds have antimicrobial properties, allowing them to inhibit the growth of bacteria. This can help to keep the lingerie fresh and hygienic for longer.
  • Where is our lingerie produced?
    Our lingerie is produced in Estonia, which is within the European Union. It is a small sewing studio. They follow the principles of fair trade in production and good working conditions for its employees. They do not use child labor and pay the seamstresses a higher wage than the Estonian average for the same position. Strict precautionary measures are taken at the production workplaces to ensure the safety of employees. Since 2020, they have been a certified member of Fur Free Retailer (FFR), which means that they do not process fur in production. Only high-quality materials are used from transparent and reliable European suppliers. Below, the seamstresses from production and the photo below, Merle, from the sample department:
  • Exchange service Undercharments
    How does the exchange service at Undercharments work? Purchase and returns are free in NL. If you want a different size, that is of course possible. Send your product back for free. When sending the exchanged item, we will charge shipping costs. The shipping costs for a bra in a box are E 6.75. A shirt or briefs can go through the letterbox and will be sent in a smaller package, these shipping costs are E 3.75.
  • Can our lingerie be made from 100% coffee grounds?
    Unfortunately it is not possible to work with 100% coffee material. Coffee material needs a mix to be able to make fabric from this, because 100% coffee material falls apart. The coffee material is mixed with recycled polyester (PET). Polyester is the most commonly used fiber in the clothing industry. The polyester yarn provides elasticity in the fabrics. That is why it is widely used in sportswear, underwear and swimwear.
  • What is recycled polyester (PET)
    Recycled polyester uses PET (polyethylene terephthalate) as raw material. This plastic is used for PET bottles and packaging, among other things. The technique to recycle polyester from PET has been available for decades. The increased attention to the environment and recycling has recently made polyester very topical for sustainable clothing. The advantage of clothing with recycled polyester is that recycling is better than recovering raw materials. Raw materials are used several times. This reduces the use of the fossil raw material petroleum and other harmful substances. It reduces the plastic waste mountain. Clothing made from recycled polyester can be recycled continuously, making it a closed loop system over time. A step from a linear to a circular economy. It is a strong and very soft fabric. A step in the right direction, but not yet fully sustainable. When washing plastic clothing, including recycled polyester, small synthetic fibers are released that end up in the wastewater. To prevent microfibers from ending up in the waste water of the washing machine, a special washing bag can be used, the Guppyfriend:
  • Free shipping and returns
    Shipping and returns are free in NL. We do this because we realize that buying lingerie online raises quite a few doubts. Did I order the right size? How's the fit? Do you like the color? To make your purchase easier, we offer a free shipping and return policy in NL. If you still want to discuss your size before ordering, please email us at
  • Personal service
    Are you unsure about the fitting? And you prefer to do a fitting session first before making a purchase. Then use our personal service. If you live in Amsterdam, we can bring the products to you to try them on. Are you interested in this? Choose personal service when making your purchase. Or if you would like to contact us first and have further questions, email us at We facilitate this service to prevent unnecessary shipping costs.
  • Is Undercharments a sustainable brand?
    We try to be as sustainable as possible by using materials that are natural. Materials that get a second chance. Or reuse a waste product such as coffee grounds. We strive to reduce - reuse and recycle. In addition to using materials that are as natural as possible, we only produce in Europe (Romania, Estonia and Lithuania) and locally in Amsterdam. We know that the staff in the sewing workshops are well paid. And we keep the distance as short as possible to reduce CO2.
  • Lingerie size chart
    Below you can find additional information about the lingerie sizes:
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