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Enjoy wearing sustainable fashion

Why should we enjoy wearing sustainable fashion? There a too many reason's for it.

Sustainable brands, focus on quality and they use materials that harm the planet and your skin less.

In choosing sustainable brands that provide quality, you can reduce your waste as well as the amount of clothing that you buy. Go for quality over quantity, because quality reduces waste.

Basically, it's all about changing your mindset. Yes, it costs more, but you're likely to have it for longer and will be buying less per season overall. Save up, invest and buy less.

Some sustainable fashion shopping tips:

  1. Do You Really Need It?

  2. Invest in Clothing You'll Wear All-Year-Round

  3. Never Throw Clothing Away

  4. Quality Over Quantity, Always

  5. Take Care of Your Items

  6. Buy Less, Well.

Also good to consider, is to take care of your items. It's really about making sure the clothes we already own are well taken care of and can be treasured for a lifetime.

And when you clear out your wardrobe, be mindful of your mistakes. Mend your clothes or bring them to a local tailor. Furthermore, consider what impact the garment you would like to buy is having on the world.

We are completely saturated with synthetic, mass produced clothing that the majority of us really don't need. And the consequence of this, is that we are facing an unprecedented climate emergency by the way our clothes is produced which has a massive negative environmental impact.

Do you find it difficult to change your shopping habit by buying less and to choose for more quality fashion clothes? And do you think that sustainable fashion is expensive? Think twice and be wise. Do you know who had made your clothes. Is it made by a child? Do you know you wear plastic most of the time which is bad for your skin and the planet?

Sustainable items often have a higher price tag because they require more investments: labor, and a fair wage for it, is a driving cost, but sustainable brands also have higher costs when it comes to the materials being used (research, sourcing the right material, fabrics are more costly due to low-impact dyes being more expensive, more complex and layered processes, small quantities, better craft..).

But also, right now, demand is still lower than mass production, and therefore they cost more to produce.

Your purchase will tell the manufacturer that you support eco-friendly products and if enough people feel the same way and also purchase green products, they will put more money into increasing production and in turn, you will see a decrease in price, eventually.

A change in the industry starts at the customer. By knowing this fact, how wonderful is it to wear sustainable fashion clothes?

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