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Welcome to the blog page of Undercharments

We like to share our thoughts and beliefs of Undercharments to inspire you or to make you curious about topics you never have thought about it.

With our blogs we will talk about the latest developments in the circular fashion industry and how we make sure that - what we practice is what we preach-.

Besides that, we are always curious about you - the reader!

Our intention

To be in contact. We can express what we think is important to strive for a better world or how to help making a better world by selling plant based products. But what about you? We strongly believe that making efforts and changes to do it right, we need each other.

We want to seek to uncover meaningful narratives, connections, and patterns that might help us better understand how people look at the world nowadays and to imagine our futures. Share yours, we share ours!

In all of our blogs it is possible to leave your thoughts. Please share. We love to hear from you!

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